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Our workbenches are robust and practical, ergonomic and flexible. The unique design gives a distinctive appearance, classic colours fit into any working environment. Industrial tool cupboards in various sizes provide secure & versatile storage with optional inner drawers and panels.Whether you need a mobile drawer tool cabinet or mobile workbench? our units can be used in all areas. Drawer tool cabinets are static and mobile, fully lockable and with dividers available as an option.Tailor-made workbenches are indispensable additions to any workplace. If your application requires a specialist solution please contact us for further information.


Modern factory and workshop environments have many requirements for well designed, sturdy workbenches. We offer a variety of workbench options to suit almost every possible requirement. The most popular benches are shown here; if your application requires a specialist solution, please ask for further information. Drawer units shown with benches are of the same design used throughout our range and may be fitted with a range of drawer division accessories to make the best use of space. workbenches


Mobile Roller Tools Cabinet

Many work tasks require tools and components to be easily transported to different areas within the workshop. To meet these requirements, Wehas a range of mobile workbenches and storage cabinets to suit many applications. All our mobile units are mounted onto a high quality, rubber tyred, castor set, and are designed with built in safety features. 

All drawers feature trigger locks, and every unit is lockable to ensure both safety and security. Drawers may utilise the full range of division accessories, optimising the space efficient storage capacity of all products.
mobile tool trolley


Mobile Tools Storage Benches

These versatile units can be positioned where required in the factory, workshop or store. Fully mobile, the units retain maximum storage potential and provide a good work surface. The robust metal base is deeper than the cabinets to provide high stability.

All drawers are on easy-glide roller bearings with 75kg per drawer load capacity.

Secure central locking in drawer stacks with separate locks on cupboard sections. Individual safety trigger on each drawer to prevent accidental opening.

Full range of drawer division accessories available to aid component selection and improve storage density.
mobile workbenches


Tools Cupboards & Shelving

Our storage cupboards are available in a number of types and sizes to suit many requirements. All are manufactured to industrial standards, offering many years service. Shelving is a simple shelving system built on the standard modular size increments.

The shelving can be used in conjunction with low fronted storage bins. Designed in harmony with other products, both shelving and cupboards can be integrated with the  range of equipment to form a well planned and organised workplace.
tools cupboard


Flammable Tools Storage

These cupboards provide safe and secure storage for flammable liquids and materials. Supplied with adjustable shelves, each slotted allowing spills to drain through to the sump. The base sump is of a deep apron construction, and will contain spills of liquids stored.
An optional removable sump tray has sturdy handles for safer handling of any spillage. Finished in safety yellow (RAL 1023) powder coating, and fully labelled to UK and European standards.
Full safety labelling to BS5499-5:2002

Intumescent strip around door expands at high temperatures to seal housing and provide a 'flame break'

* Metal locking handle - won't melt under initial fire attack.
* Restricts staff access to hazardous substances.
* Optional removable sump allows spilled substances to be safety removed.
* As required by safety guidelines, and often recommended by insurance companies.
Flammable Tools Storage




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